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  • PEO Mergers & Acquisitions (NAPEO Georgia Leadership Council Meeting, 2019)
  • Accelerate Your Growth or Sell Your PEO?" (NAPEO National Conference, September 2018)
  • Increase the Value of Your PEO With Technology (Netwise ClientSpace User Conference, April, 2017)
  • Start with the End in Mind (Suzanne Evans Surge Mastermind Group, January, 2016)
  • Webinar - Maximizing the Value of Your PEO/HRO and 2016 M&A Marketplace Update, (March, 2016)
  • Exit Strategy Planning for Pat's Wealth Makers Moguls (Pat Mussieux, March, 2016)
  • The Next Phase of Industry Consolidation (California Leadership Council Forum, NAPEO, June, 2016)
  • Valuation and M&A -- Are you Prepared for the Future of your PEO? (California Leadership Council FOrum, NAPEO, July, 2016)
  • What is the Future of Your PEO -- Are you Ready? (Colorado Leadership Council Forum, NAPEO, August 2016)
  • PEO Growth (NAPEO National Conference, September, 2014)
  • Your PEO Board of Directors – Advice from 1984 to 2014 (NAPEO National Conference, September, 2014)
  • Best Practices & Maximum Valuation (NAPEO National Conference, September 2014)
  • Financial Reporting & PEO Board of Directors: Should my PEO have a Board of Directors? What do we Report? (NAPEO CFO/COO Seminar, July 2014)
  • M&A Integration NAPEO 2013 Annual Conference & Marketplace - September, 2013 
  • Growing Your PEO Market Share & Increasing the Bottom Line – Organic Growth – Acquisition – or Both? (NAPEO National Conference, October 2012)
  • Maximizing the Value of Your PEO for Succession Planning (NAPEO National Conference, October 2012)
  • PEO Financial Market Watch (NAPEO National Conference, September 2011)
  • M&A in the PEO Lifecycle – Vendor Opportunity or Threat? (NAPEO Service Partner Symposium, September, 2011)
  • PEO Industry Dynamics – 2011 Merger & Acquisition Environment (Board of Directors Presentation to Top 10 PEO)
  • Merger & Acquisition Roundtable Leader ( NAPEO National Conference, September 2009)
  • PEO Mergers & Acquisitions in the Current Economy (Florida and Texas Leadership Council Forums 2009)
  •  PEO Breakout Panel Discussion – Risk Management & Mergers and Acquisitions (Annual Meeting, Florida Workers’ Compensation Institute, August 2007)
  • Creating Durable Contract Value (Presentation with Brent Tilson, CEO, Tilson, HR – Midwest Leadership Council Meeting, July 2007)
  • The Value of Internal Controls in Valuations (NAPEO National Conference, September 2006)
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Roundtable Leader (NAPEO National Conference, September 2006)
  • Working in the M&A World (Kennesaw Executive MBA Presentation, March 2005)
  • PEO Valuation in Today’s Market (NAAS National Conference, 2005)  
  • PEO Valuation in a Changing Marketplace  (NAPEO National Conference, October 2001)
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Roundtable (NAPEO National Conference, 2000)
  • The Acquisition Question: To Buy or to Build? (NAPEO National Conference, 1999)
  • Evaluating Your PEO’s Worth (NAPEO National Conference, 1998)
  • Financing Strategies for PEOs (NAPEO National Conference, 1997)
  • Physician Practice Mergers – Controllable Risk and Predictable Success (American College of Medical Staff Development, 1996)
  • How Human Resources Executives can Add Financial Value to the Merger Process (Society of Human Resources Management, 1996)
  • How Can Financial Value be added to the Merger & Acquisition Process? (Manchester Partners, International, 1996)
  • Successful People Strategies for Physician Practice Mergers (American College of Medical Staff Development, 1995)
  • Successful People Strategies for Mergers & Acquisitions (Kennesaw State College, 1995)





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