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Silva Capital Solutions, Inc. Udates PEO Valuation Study - August 2017
Executive Summary       read online > 

  • Growing Your PEO - A Quick Exercise To Help Determine Acquisition Targets
    (PEO Insider, April 2018)       read online > 
  • Growing Your PEO - Financing Options and Strategies
    (PEO Insider, April 2017)       read online > 
  • NAPEO Insider 2016 Valuation
    (PEO Insider, November 2016)       read online > 
  • The PEO Business Climate and Investment Market
    (PEO Insider, November 2015)       read online > 
  • Acquisition as Part of Your Long-Term Growth Strategy
    (PEO Insider, November 2014)
  • Writing and Building a Business Plan – Your PEO Roadmap from Inception to Exit
    (PEO Insider, February, 2013)       read online > 
  • PEOs – Why Become Accredited? – Executive Summary and Analysis of Documented PEO Valuations 1995 – 2012
    (December 2012)      read online >   
  • Operational Strategies for Organic and Acquisition Growth Models
    (PEO Insider, September 2012)      read online > 
  • An Acquisition or Organic Growth Strategy?
    (PEO Insider January, 2010)
  • When Considering the Sell of a PEO, I look for ….
    (PEO Insider, August 2010)         read online > 
  • Words of Wisdom from Wanda – Minority Shareholders in PEO
    (PEO Insider, April 2009)       read online > 
  • IT IS JUST MY OPINION! Why is PEO Profitability Rising for PEOs with Greater than 2500 Worksite Employees?
    (PEO Insider, September 2009)
  • The PEO Landscape Over the Past 10 Years
    (PEO Insider, December 2006)
  • PEO Acquisition Profitability – How it is Measured by a Buyer
    (PEO Insider, September 2006)
  • Five Major Reasons PEOs Get More or Less Money When They Sell (PEO Insider – October, 2005)
  • A Year of Survival, Annual M & A Overview
    (The ProEmp Journal, December, 2001)
  • The Metamorphosis of a PEO
    (PEO Insider, October 2001)
  • An Industry in Transition
    (The ProEmp Journal, December 2000)
  • Will PEO Consolidation Be Impacted by Changes in The Workers’ Compensation Market?
    (The ProEmp Journal, March 2000)
  • Trends in PEO – Mergers and Acquisitions
    (PEO Insider, March 2000)
  • A Model for the Millennium
    (The ProEmp Journal, December 1999)
  • The Statistics of Major PEO Players
    (The ProEmp Journal, May 1999)
  • With Due Respect to Einstein
    (PEO Insider, March 1999)
  • Correction or Crash?
    (The ProEmp Journal, November 1998)
  • Does Corporate Culture Really Reflect M&A?
    (The ProEmp Journal, November 1998)
  • Getting Noticed: How to Build a Good Book of Business
    (PEO Insider, June 1998)
  • Custom Made (PEO) Models
    (The ProEmp Journal, April 1998)
  • I Want To Sell My PEO, Now What?
    (The ProEmp Journal, October 1997)
  • Opportunities, Risk, and Alternatives for Growing Your PEO
    (PEO Insider, April 1997)
  • Financial Mergers – Uncontrollable Risk or Predictable Success?
    (The Transformation Journal, 1996)


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