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Growth & Exit Strategy Planning

services_page_6.jpgGrowth and Exit Strategy Planning allows the shareholder and the business entity to be in a constant state of preparedness - with goals, metrics, and deliverables - not just a report.

Silva Capital Solutions, Inc. will help you build a business plan for today, tomorrow and the future.





The Process Includes:

  • Establish Fair Market Value
  • Determine Marketability to Buyers
  • Evaluate All Options for Liquidity
  • Identify Factors Affecting Value
  • Deliver and Present Information
  • Implement and Monitor the Established Metrics


Exit - Right Time, Right Place


          As Wanda and I made the acquisition journey together, it became obvious that I had not spent the time necessary to best position our company for the future. If I had spent more time on my business rather than in my business, I am confident I could have been more profitable. Monday morning quarterbacking could have been avoided in my case had I used the tools that were available through Wanda and Silva Capital Solutions. I would highly recommend taking a more proactive and strategic vision of your business before it becomes a necessity. The bottom line is that it pays to invest in your future success."
PEO Selling Client

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