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Shareholder Litigation - Expert Witness Testimony

services_page_5.jpgOccasionally shareholders may have a difference of opinion on the value their PEO/HRO company represents or perhaps a transaction was completed and the valuation or terms need to be validated at a later point in time. Silva Capital Solutions, Inc. has the historical resources and documented facts from 1997 to today and we are ready to provide expert witness support and testimony on just such matters.

We are qualified as an expert witness because we have specialized in the PEO/HRO industry for over 16 years. Our testimony is based on documented facts as well as proven valuation principles and transaction methodologies.


          We hired Wanda, and her reputation and analysis helped us get a favorable recovery for our client. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her for expert witness assistance in the economics realm for a valuation analysis in the PEO/Staffing industry."

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